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In response to its previously published Christmas Poem (see here), Square & Compass received a special correspondence with another Masonic Christmas Poem, this one just as beautiful as the previous.

See below for the poem:

“Though my Lodge may lack the splendour

Of a temple or a shrine,

Or possess…

Chicago Bean at Millenium Park

Square & Compass is proud to have completed another amazing Masonic Road-Trip, having visited amazing Brethren and Masonic Temples in Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, and California.

Each visit was amazing!

Each town was amazing!

Each Masonic experience was amazing!


In Missouri, Square & Compass had the chance to attend the…


Hilsboro, MO (Pond in foreground, Barn in background)
Hillsboro, MO (Pond in foreground, Barn in background)

To be a Freemason is to be a traveler. The words have long been synonymous.

For obvious (and understandable) reasons, COVID-19 and the subsequent travel restrictions resulting therefrom limited the ability for masonic travel.

If their was a silver lining to these limitations, it was the extent…

Adamson, Cameron

Director of Square & Compass Promotions, designed to promote Freemasonry in Essex District!

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