Masonic Building Exteriors

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Masonic Buildings add to the architectural and historical character of the communities, towns, and cities in which they are located.


Hilsboro, MO (Pond in foreground, Barn in background)
Hilsboro, MO (Pond in foreground, Barn in background)
Hillsboro, MO (Pond in foreground, Barn in background)

To be a Freemason is to be a traveler. The words have long been synonymous.

For obvious (and understandable) reasons, COVID-19 and the subsequent travel restrictions resulting therefrom limited the ability for masonic travel.

If their was a silver lining to these limitations, it was the extent to which Freemasons (finally) embraced on-line forums, leading to an increase in virtual education, visitation, and voting.

I (for example), virtually visited Brethren and Lodges in Seattle (WA), St. …

It was truly a pleasure to interview Ibiza Melián.

Ibiza Melián is an “author of various published books, including essays, stories or fictionalized essays.” Many of her works deal with Freemasonry and esoteric subjects in general.

You can learn more about her work below, I have included both the English Translation and the Original Spanish interview.

English Translation

Q: How / why did you become interested in Symbolism in general and / or Freemasonry in particular? Was it always an interest?

A: I am a doctor in Social and Legal Sciences, and for twelve years I was a councilor in…

Since its 2020 inception, Square & Compass has often explored the architectural and historical significance of the Windsor Masonic Temple.

Many other Masonic Temples are, to their cities/communities, of great architectural and historical significance.

Chief Docent Rob Moore of Detroit Masonic Temple

Chief among these is the Detroit Masonic Temple. Built during the “golden age of Freemasonry,” the Detroit Masonic Temple is both the world’s largest Masonic Temple and a significant part Detroit’s architectural and historical character.

Square & Compass was proud to explore the Detroit Masonic Temple’s significance with its Chief Docent Robert Moore.

The Detroit Masonic Temple offers…

For many years members of our Essex Masonic and Windsor Masonic Temple family have worked within the community to raise funds for worthy causes in Windsor.


These clubs raised most of the funds by working bingos at PARADISE GAMING CENTRE on Dougall Ave. in Windsor.

Last year these groups donated over $35,000 to the Scottish Rite Learning Centre for Children.

In addition thousands of dollars were donated to various other groups, namely WINDSOR GOODFELLOWS, SALVATION ARMY, WINDSOR DOWNTOWN MISSION, STREET HELP, HIATUS…


In Dec 2020, I uploaded on the Square & Compass YouTube Channel a Masonic Christmas Poem. You can find the video here.

As I discussed in a previous story, Freemasonry & Poetry have a long and proud history. In Windsor, this history was most recently updated via international poet Maria Matuscak. Her 2017 poem “An Ode to the Freemasons Gathered Here Today” is an excellent example of a poem capturing the essence of Freemasonry! You can learn more about it here.

In 2020, I discovered another Masonic poem (Christmas themed) and included it below…

Canadian Postage Stamps Featuring the Windsor Masonic Temple and Harmony Masonic Lodge Logo
Canadian Postage Stamps Featuring the Windsor Masonic Temple and Harmony Masonic Lodge Logo


Traditional mail holds in the hearts of many a special place; the stamp used to send traditional mail presents a Masonic Opportunity.

If any readers know of any Masonic postage stamps, please let the author know.


2021 marks for both the beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple and Harmony Masonic Lodge (which meets at the Windsor Masonic Temple) 100 years of community service and Brotherhood.

To commemorate these milestones, this author used Canada Post’s “Picture Postage Program” to commission stamps featuring (respectively) the Windsor Masonic Temple’s Iconic Façade and Harmony Masonic Lodge’s Official Logo.

Although not “official” Canadian postage, they…

Picture of Masonic Cornerstone Display at Windsor Masonic Temple, Poem on Right
Picture of Masonic Cornerstone Display at Windsor Masonic Temple, Poem on Right

This interview is also available on YouTube.

In September 2017, Essex District Masons honoured City Hall and City Officials with a “Cornerstone Ceremony.”

As part of the Ceremony, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario recited a poem entitled “An Ode to the Freemasons Gathered Here Today.”

Maria Matuscak, an internationally published Windsor Poet, composed the poem. Square & Compass Promotions was honoured to have had the opportunity to ask her about the poem, which is an important contribution to Masonic Poetry and Literature (in Ontario and beyond).

“An Ode To…

In February 2020, I started the Square & Compass Podcast. Our first episode featured W. Bro. Michel Brassard.

Since that time, I have been honoured to interview (literal) rocket scientists, heritage preservationists, ghost hunters, soldiers, and truly distinguished Masons.

I have reviewed original architectural blue-prints (from 1921), connected with Masons near and far, reviewed heritage documents, and grown within the craft.

The podcast is available on YouTube, Podbean, Spotify, Apple (ITunes), and Google Podcasts.

As a year has passed since its start, now seems like a good time to review (just) some of what I have learned about Freemasonry, and…

Adamson, Cameron

Director of Square & Compass Promotions, designed to promote Freemasonry in Essex District!

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