…And If People Bring Out The Worst in Freemasonry…

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3 min readJan 23, 2024
And If People Bring Out the Worst in Freemasonry…
…And If People Bring Out the Worst in Freemasonry…

…and if people bring out the worst in Freemasonry, than maybe Freemasonry brings out the best in people…

January 19th, 2024 and January 20th, 2024 were special days at the Windsor Masonic Temple, and Square & Compass Promotions was honoured to be in attendance.

January 19th, 2024 and January 20th, 2024 were the result of a great deal of hard-work by many people; including both members of the Windsor Masonic Temple and the community at-large.

On January 19th, 2024 Windsor Lodge №403 celebrated its 140th Installation.

It was an amazing Installation. In fact, it was an amazing ENTIRE night, including the banquet before, the entertainment during, and the refreshment after.

During the night, Windsor Lodge №403 showed both why it is a special lodge, but also why Windsor/Essex is a special place and why the Windsor Masonic Temple is a special building.

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On January 20th, 2024 the Windsor Masonic Temple held a public unveiling; unveiling all of the amazing restorative work done on the Temple while also celebrating its 102nd anniversary and its importance to Windsor/Essex’s (and Detroit’s) historical, architectural, and social fabric.

The unveiling included multiple dignitaries, presentations, press, and artistic performances; also English, French, and interpretive services, as well as EMS on-site.

The entire region was part of the unveiling, including all levels of governance, local First Nations, Masonic leadership, artists, musicians, authors, and poets!

The International Order of Rainbow For Girls Fort Assembly provided amazing food and refreshments.

The contractors who are completing restorative work provided information about that work and its value for the building.

Local vendors set-up shops showcasing the quality of local products and services (including Masonic products). We understand sales were great!

Visitors from across Ontario and Michigan took part in the unveiling.

Perhaps the most special (or most fun) part of the unveiling was when the Windsor Spitfires presented M.W. Bro. Thomas W. Hogeboom Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario with a custom Spitfire Jersey (the number assigned, “22,” is to honour both the Windsor Masonic Temple’s opening year-1922-and the year -2022- the M.W. Bro. was elected).

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This event was special for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the support the whole region showed for the Windsor Masonic Temple and the way the Windsor Masonic Temple reciprocated that support!

Freemasonry is part of the community, it is also part of the region, and the Windsor Masonic Temple showed that this weekend!

On good days…on great days…we are reminded of one of our favourite bits of dialogue from one of our favourite TV shows The West Wing. We’ve adapted it a little for this story.

  • “And that is it…we’re going to have to finish this now…
  • There are so many days when we can’t imagine anything good will happen. Buried in a world with a black cloud of pessimism, stupidity, and a world that seems just plain mean.
  • Yes, we’re nervous because we know there will be a set of problems waiting tomorrow…but that’s for tomorrow.
  • Because this weekend we’ve:
  • seen a Lodge room full of the gold, silver, blue, and white found on masonic aprons and collars;
  • heard hundred of Masons perform Grand Honours in unison; and heard the ringing of masonic jewels as they rise and fall as their wearers stand and sit; and
  • seen a community show pride in its Masonic Temple and a Masonic Temple show pride in its community.
  • and if people bring out the worst in Freemasonry than maybe Freemasonry brings out the best in people because damn if we didn’t just take part in two of the best days of our life!”

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