Another Masonic Road Trip

Square & Compass is proud to have completed another amazing Masonic Road-Trip, having visited amazing Brethren and Masonic Temples in Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, and California.

Each visit was amazing!

Each town was amazing!

Each Masonic experience was amazing!


In Missouri, Square & Compass had the chance to attend the Grand Lodge’s Bicentennial-celebrating 200 years of Missouri Freemasonry!

It was truly a pleasure being in the great state of Missouri-and the great city of Columbia, MO-for this 200 year Annual Communication celebration! First, thank you to Bro. Randy Sanders for helping me get to the communication!

Second, thank you to all the Brethren (from within and without Missouri), for an amazing time. It was a pleasure meeting so many of you. One of these Brethren, Bro. Parth Patel, kindly agreed to speak with Square & Compass about his time at the communication.

You can find the full video on YouTube. You can find the full audio on Audea.


In Kentucky, Square & Compass had the chance to attend a very special Masonic Raising-a “Barn Raising!”

Square & Compass was so honoured to visit Paducah, KY (first time) and take part in a “Masonic Barn Raising” (also first time).

It was a truly special raising, and a highlight of S&C’s Masonic journey thus far. The ambiance was amazing (I will always remember the sound of the rain hitting the barn roof during the degree). The degree work was first-class. The friendship and brotherhood was top-notch.

Much of this friendship was due to my Masonic host, W. Bro. Don Kelsey-who kindly took me around Paducah, to his Temples, and to the Barn Degree!

You can learn more about Bro. Kelsey with Square & Compass.

The full video is on YouTube.


In Chicago, I once again caught-up with great Masonic Friends.

The City of Chicago and the town of Glenview, both in Illinois, are special places for Square & Compass Promotions. We have had the pleasure of visiting these amazing locations numerous times throughout the years, and we always enjoy the visits.

Whether it is seeing the amazing architecture of the Chicago Skyline, visiting the “Bean” at Millennium Park, grabbling a breakfast at Elly’s Pancake House (our favourite breakfast spot), visiting the Grove Nature Preserve, or open mic at Grandpa’s Place visiting Chicago and Glenview is always a pleasure.

However, what makes the visits truly special is the Masonic connections cultivated during our visits. For example, did you know that, in Chicago’s famed Randolph Theatre District, the iconic James M. Nederlander Theatre began its life as a Masonic Temple. The Square & Compasses’ remain visible on the theatre’s façade. A great example of the historical impact of Freemasonry in Chicago!


San Francisco marks the last leg of another amazing Masonic Road-trip, which included Missouri, Kentucky, & Illinois. We cannot stress enough how amazing this trip has been, especially the Brethren we have been honoured to meet.

To all my Masonic Brethren-please get vaccinated so you can safely resume your Masonic Travels (and let us know about your travels)!




Square & Compass Promotions, designed to explore the many ways in which Freemasonry is relevant to our communities. Will share both Masonic & Personal stories.

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Adamson, Cameron

Adamson, Cameron

Square & Compass Promotions, designed to explore the many ways in which Freemasonry is relevant to our communities. Will share both Masonic & Personal stories.

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