Bourbon & Cigars (& Shrine): A Masonic Match!

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3 min readFeb 1, 2024
Bourbon & Cigars (& Shrine): A Masonic Match!
Bourbon & Cigars (& Shrine): A Masonic Match!

Recently, friend of Square & Compass Promotions and fellow Mason Rick Reeves reached out to us to advertise the Kosair’s Shriners Bourbon & Cigar Club. The Club is run by President Frank Voegtlin of Valley-Daylight Lodge # 511 and meets in Louisville, Kentucky.

Social functions and events, including Bourbon & Cigar Clubs, represent an important part of Freemasonry, & the Shrine represents an important part of our Masonic family.

We were happy to have President Frank Voegtlin answer our questions which we hope will, amongst other things, encourage other Masonic bodies to consider starting similar clubs!

Interview with Frank Voegtlin

  • Valley-Daylight Lodge # 511 Louisville, (Pleasure Ridge Park) Kentucky
  • President Kosair Shriners Bourbon & Cigar Club
  • Certified Bourbon Steward- Stave and Thief Society

Q: What is the Kosair Shriners Bourbon & Cigar Club?

  • Kosair Shriners Bourbon & Cigar Club is a place where one can find, sample and enjoy different and fine bourbon’s while kicking back having a nice cigar or just enjoying a tasty adult beverage with like-minded brothers.
  • Kosair Shriners Bourbon & Cigar Club encourages fellowship between
    fellow Shriners through a shared passion of bourbon and cigars. We also support “Kosair for Kids” through various fundraisers. “Kosair for Kids” is the Kosair Shriners charitable arm supporting children in need throughout the region.

Q: Tell us about your Masonic Career. How long have you been a Mason? How long have you been a Shriner? What made you join the Shrine?

  • I became a Mason February of 2020 and then the pandemic closed everything down for a year. In 2021, the Lodge contacted me to continue
    my education and degrees. In September of 2021, I was raised to Master Mason at our annual outdoor meeting.
  • I became a Shriner in the Fall of 2022 because I was looking for more fellowship among brother masons. The Kosair Shrine offers a multitude of opportunities of fellowship through clubs, units, Shrine Circus and many more events throughout the year. Kosair Shriner is a very active Shrine.

Q: What encouraged you/the Kosair Shriners to start the Cigar Club?

  • Ken Carrier started the club a few years ago as a way to enjoy some of his favorite things with other Shriners.

Q: For whom is the Club open? Can anyone attend?

  • Membership to the club is open to Shriners.

Q: How long has the club been running-what do you usually see in terms of attendance?

  • The club has been running for a few years now and we have about 15 members.
  • This year is looking to be an exciting year though. We are working on creating events such as meeting at local bourbon bars, cigar clubs, visiting distilleries, having raffles and hosting Bourbon tasting events. Some of these events will be open to the public as a way to introduce people to Kosair Shriner, the bourbon club and to ultimately raise money for “Kosair for Kids.”

Q: What’s your favourite type of Bourbon?

  • I like bourbons around the $30 (US) range and typically a little higher rye mash such as Elijah Craig, Jefferson’s Reserve and 1792.

Q: What’s your favourite type of Cigar?

  • Macanudos and Romeo et Juliette.

Do you have a favourite type of Bourbon? What about a favourite type of cigar? Let us know in the comments.

If you are a Shriner and are in the Louisville area, why not check-out the Kosair’s Shriners Bourbon & Cigar Club! If you are a Mason in the area, consider joining the Shrine!

You can find more information about the Kosair’s Shriners here.

We are looking forward to having Bro. Voegtlin on the Square & Compass Podcast shortly! In the interim, let us know if your Masonic jurisdiction (including the Shrine) hosts any similar clubs, or if you are thinking of starting a similar club!

All opinions expressed are those of Square & Compass Promotions and the guest(s), and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Windsor Masonic Temple and/or any Masonic group!



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