For What, In Freemasonry, Are You Thankful?

For What, Within Freemasonry, Are you Most Thankful?

Oct 9th, 2022 marks Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada. As a result of this, we (at Square & Compass Promotions) took a moment to ask ourselves a question: “for what, in Freemasonry, are we most Thankful?”

Our answer: We are most thankful for Freemasonry because it allows us to be part of an organization that makes the world a better place!

We hope you will share with us your answer at the following “Poll for Pages”

You can also share it by leaving a response to this medium story.

One thing is certain, we at Square & Compass Promotions (and in Canada) have much for which we can be thankful!



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Adamson, Cameron

Adamson, Cameron


Square & Compass Promotions, designed to explore the many ways in which Freemasonry is relevant to our communities. Will share both Masonic & Personal stories.