Freemasons Supporting Turkey & Syria: Fundraiser for a Brother in Syria Where the Earthquake Hit.

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Khedr in Syria
Bro. Khedr in Syria

On February 6th, 2023 Turkey and Syria were hit with a earthquake measuring 7.7 and resulting in homes being lost, property destroyed, countless injured, and a death-toll (as the date of this story) surpassing 46,000.

In many ways, large and small, Freemasons have stepped-up to assist those in Turkey and Syria.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation helped to provide emergency aid to earthquake survivors totalling £60,000. You can learn more about this help here.

Closer to Square & Compass’ home (Essex District County), W. Bro. Dan Chamney has organized a fundraiser for a Brother of Great Western Lodge, who was visiting family in Syria when the earthquake struck.

Below, Square & Compass has included his fundraising letter and information as to how you can support his fundraiser, and in doing so, support a brother in need.

Fundraiser for a Brother in Syria Where Earthquake Hit


This is to inform you that Brother Khedr Traifi of Great Western Lodge travelled , with his parents, back to Syria to visit family. He was there when the earthquake struck destroying both his family home and his sister’s home and killing his sister and her husband. All that any of he and his family have now is the clothes on their backs; everything else is buried in the rubble.

My father and I have been approached by Khedr as we our his sponsors. We are going to try and raise as much as we can ASAP. We will forward it to him as soon as we confirm a method to make sure he receives it.

If you live in the Essex District Area, you can drop-off funds at the Windsor Masonic Temple Coffee Club, which meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30am-10:30am. You can also e-transfer funds to noting ‘for Khedr.’

You can also mail a cheque to R. W. Bro. Dan Chamney c/o Great Western Lodge at the Windsor Masonic Temple, 986 Ouellette Ave. Windsor, ON N9A 1C6.

R. W. Bro. Chamney

PS: I considered setting up a GoFundMe or something like that, but that takes time, and by collecting it myself I can probably get at least the first donations to Khedr right away.

R. W. Bro. Chamney is a dedicated Mason and a credit to the Essex County District, and his efforts to support our Brother in Syria demonstrates this dedication. Please support if you can!

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