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5 min readJan 7, 2024
Square & Compass Messed With Texas…And It Was Awesome!
Square & Compass Messed With Texas…And It Was Awesome!

To be a Mason is to be a traveller.

We, at Square & Compass Promotions, in many ways consider ourselves to be professional travellers.

These travels have taken us to many amazing places throughout North America and, if you count virtual travel, throughout the world.

Over the coming weeks, we will be using this platform to discuss highlights of/from these travels, starting with the Great State of Texas!

Square & Compass Promotions Messed with Texas…And It Was Awesome!

We also need to note that Square & Compass has a ton of content celebrating these travels and Texas Masons/Masonry!

We had the pleasure of interviewing the (then) Grand Orator of Texas Rhit Moore (2021). We have also interviewed (and shared pictures and videos of/with) Past Grand Master Brad Billings, the Texas Masonic Retirement Community, masonic events, and more.

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Our first in-person visit to Texas took place in 2021, during which time we had the pleasure of visiting numerous Masonic Lodges and Buildings, including:

  • Webb Masonic Lodge in Arlington, Texas
  • Estelle Masonic Lodge in Euless, Texas
  • Fort Worth Masonic Temple in Fort Worth, Texas
  • The Texas Masonic Retirement Community in Arlington, Texas; and
  • Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral in Dallas, Texas

Each lodge was amazing and each masonic building was beautiful.

We remember being impressed by the special installation (and the food served therein) at Webb and Estelle Masonic Lodges.

We remember being blown-away by the grandeur and beauty of the Fort Worth Masonic Temple (a Temple every Mason should visit).

We remember being in awe of the programs and services offered to aged Masons (as well as their immediate families) at the Texas Masonic Retirement Community (TMRC). The TMRC is both a credit to Texas Freemasonry and Freemasonry in general.

In 2021, we visited the TMRC while it hosted the Texas’ High Noon Club, which presented during the TMRC’s “Coffee Club.”

[The Coffee Club presents an interesting parallel with our home base Windsor and the Windsor Masonic Temple Coffee Club-great minds think alike…]

In 2023, Square & Compass Promotions virtually returned to the TMRC, using zoom to present to the TMRC’s Coffee Club on the Windsor Masonic Temple and Freemasonry in Ontario.

We have had the chance to return to the TMRC on two separate occasions (see below).

We also remember being in awe of the beautiful facade of the at the Dallas Scottish Rite Building.

We also remember being in awe of Dallas-Fort Worth area, its size and scope. We remember our brother and friend taking us on a road trip in his restored classic car

[Author’s Note: I don’t know anything about cars, but it seemed like a beautiful one].

One unique thing: while in Texas in 2021, our home jurisdiction held its annual communication (for the first time ever) virtually. This meant we had the opportunity to both attend our home jurisdiction’s annual communication while visiting another jurisdiction.

While our annual communication has returned primarily to an in-person event, the voting portion remains virtual and online (something we support).

During this first in-person visit, we stayed in a primarily industrial area-but even still we were most impressed by the beauty of Texas-especially when we visited Lodges in the more rural areas (like Webb Masonic Lodge).

Our next in-person visit to Texas took place in 2022, during which time we had the chance to visit Gonzales, Texas. We had an amazing time in Gonzales, TX, celebrating the 175th Anniversary of Gonzales Masonic Lodge!

Being in a more rural area, we were in awe of small-town Texas: the friendliness of the people; the beauty of the town…and the sky at night.

Our visit coincided with the Gonzales, Texas “Come and Take It Festival,” which meant aside from wonderful Masonic fellowship we also listened to amazing music, ate amazing food, played some carnival games, and took some amazing photographs.

The Masonic fellowship included: a wreath-laying at the town memorial, celebrating heroes and freedom; a Lodge meeting with a presentation (by R. W. Bro. Gary L. Drescher) on Gonzales’ Lodge history; and an amazing brunch at a delicious Mexican restaurant.

Both the Masons and Shrine took part in the “Come and Take It” festival parade, and it was great to see Masonry represented in the parade by and for the people of Gonzales.

The Grand Lodge and Past Grand Master Billings should be commended for a great weekend.

We returned to Texas in 2023, this time returning to the TMRC for the Texas Masonic Family Day.

We were once again blown away by the inspiring programs and services offered by the TMRC, especially as it related to the “No Masons Left Behind” program.

When we visited TMRC in 2021, much of the community was still under construction, including its Grace Woodward Museum. Upon our 2023 return, the museum was finished. It is a treasure trove of Masonic (and Texas) history!

The Grace Woodward Museum at the Texas Masonic Retirement Community is a masonic treasure. When we visited the TMRC two years ago, the museum was under construction…now, it’s done & amazing! We visited the museum as part of the Texas Masonic Family Day 2023! The day was amazing and Texas Freemasons (including and especially current Texas Masonic leadership) should be proud!

The entirety of the visit, and the Texas Masonic Family Day, were wonderful. Putting on an event the size and magnitude of the Family Day is not easy, and the Grand Lodge put in on very well. We were especially happy to see a blood donation clinic at the day-blood donations is something we consider very important and something which every eligible person should consider.

We also had the chance to visit Mosier Valley Masonic Lodge (PHA) in Arlington, Texas.

We always love visiting Texas, and usually take videos of our landing therein.

In 2024 (and beyond) we hope to return to the great State of Texas, visit with more Brethren, and see old and new friends alike.

We also plan to have more content featuring Texas Freemasonry.

Texas Freemasons, and Texas Freemasonry, have a lot of which they can be proud. They also have a lot about which to be excited.

We will celebrate and promote these things in 2024 and beyond!

Square & Compass messed with Texas…it was awesome.

All opinions expressed are those of Square & Compass Promotions and the guest(s), and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Windsor Masonic Temple and/or any masonic group.



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