Postage Stamps: A Masonic Opportunity

Canadian Postage Stamps Featuring the Windsor Masonic Temple and Harmony Masonic Lodge Logo
  1. Bro. Sir John A. Macdonald;
  2. Bro. Sir Robert Borden;
  3. Bro. Sir MacKenzie Bowel;
  4. Bro. Richard Bennett;
  5. Bro. Sir John Abbott; and
  6. Bro. John Diefenbaker (who visited the Windsor Masonic Temple).
  1. Bro. Ned Hanlan
  2. Bro. Josiah Henson
  3. Bro. John Molson
  4. Joseph Burr Tyrrell
  5. Bro. Thomas Clement “Tommy” Douglas
  6. Bro. Miles Gilbert “Tim” Horton
  7. Bro. War Chief Tecumseh
  1. A 47 cent stamp, issued 19 September 2001, featuring the Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine (Shriners) emblem; and
  2. A 52 cent denomination stamp issued 7 Aug 2007 (via the Canada Post “Picture Postage Program”) featuring Most Worshipful Bro. Allan John Petrisor.



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Adamson, Cameron

Adamson, Cameron

Square & Compass Promotions, designed to explore the many ways in which Freemasonry is relevant to our communities. Will share both Masonic & Personal stories.