Northwood Ancient Craft Lodge Number 551: June 24th, 2023 Table Lodge

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YouTube Thumbnail Wednesday Information Video
YouTube Thumbnail Wednesday Information Video

On June 24th, 2023 at 6:00pm, Northwood Ancient Craft Lodge Number 551 will be holding its third Table Lodge-the topic being “Freemasons in the American Revolution Period.” This presents an excellent learning opportunity for Freemasons in and around the area-we’ll be there.

On this date, we were honoured to welcome W. Bro. McPherson and W. Bro. Doyscher to discuss both this particular Table Lodge, as well as Table Lodge’s in general. W. Bro. McPherson is a Past Master of Northwood Ancient Craft Lodge and W. Bro. Doyscher is a Masonic Author and Lodge Education Officer.

It is not too late to get tickets. Contact W. Bro. McPherson at the email provided below. Cut-off date is June 16th, 2023.

Q: What is the purpose of holding a Table Lodge (either this Table Lodge or any table lodge in general)?

A: The purpose, really, is to take us out of the Lodge Room and out of the strict ritual and put us into a dinner environment where we have a unique ritual that emphasises education, fellowship, and fun…the enjoyment of each other’s company!

Q: This is your third Table Lodge. What were the last two like? What did you learn from the previous two that perhaps helped you organize this one?

A: The first was before I came to the Lodge (in the 1980s, before I came to the Lodge). What we did last year, we started from scratch, using what guides we could find for a Table Lodge. We focused on doing it on the Festival of St. John’s. St. John is our Masonic saint…we used that as an excuse to build a table lodge around.

Q: Why should Freemasons be interested in your Table Lodge’s topic: “Freemasons in the American Revolution Period?” How did you decide on the topic?

A: They were united by their character, more so than their geography. These leaders all have a certain character that makes them similar.

They had so many good characters, both on the American side and the British side, Frenchmen, Native Americans. There were good examples of people with good character from different areas. It was a good topic to dive into.

Q: A lot of Masonic Lodges want to hold events like yours, but they might be nervous about the amount of work that goes into it…

A: They should be nervous, a lot of work goes into it. A big part of it is the concept of what you want to cover and then finding the resources. One of the resources we got [for this table lodge] is the Past Grant Master of Prince Hall in Ontario! The two groups are growing closer and closer together!

We are also bringing in W. Bro. Rob Moore of Zion Lodge-the first Lodge that opened west of the Appalachian mountains.

Q: You said that you had done a Table Lodge in the 1980's, then another last year (the first one since the 1980's). What was the response like to the Table Lodge last year, and what has the excitement level been like for this year’s Table Lodge?

A: The response last year was extremely good. They enjoyed the music. They enjoyed the presentations. It was a very warm response. We are getting a lot of interest this year. We have a number of tickets out right now, still for sale.

Q: If any Brethren are interested in purchasing tickets, how do they go about it?

A: They need to contact me right away. I have a cut-off for June 16th, 2023. Email:

Q: How important is it for Lodges to spend time thinking about not just what happens within the Lodge room but also unique experiences outside of the Lodge room to bring fun and fellowship to its membership?

A: I think it is important because we don’t want Freemasonry to be all ritual..all formal ritual. We need to build our interpersonal relationships. All these Table Lodges also get us into the community and help to build our shared resources.

Q: What has the response been like for your Table Lodge from visitors? Has it been good?

A: A little bit…we have one Brother coming from Taiwan!

Q: That’s pretty far!

A: He was working in Taiwan and is relocating to/for work. He found out about our Table Lodge, and is taking a chair!

Q: Last year, what was it like organizing your first Table Lodge since the 1980's!

RD: The spirit is Masonry was never higher than it was at last year’s Table Lodge!

Q: Did that surprise you?

RD: We were hoping it would be that way, but it was more so than we really expected.

Q: What is one tip you would give to a Lodge if it wants to complete a Table Lodge.

A: You need about six months lead time…it’s not the type of thing that can be put together last minute!

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