Raising Barns: Freemasonry in the Bluegrass State

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4 min readJan 12, 2024
Raising Barns: Freemasonry in the Bluegrass State
Raising Barns: Freemasonry in the Bluegrass State

To be a Mason is to be a traveller.

We, at Square & Compass Promotions, in many ways consider ourselves to be professional travellers.

These travels have taken us to many amazing places throughout North America and, if you count virtual travel, throughout the world.

Over the coming weeks, we will be using this platform to discuss highlights of/from these travels, this week, we talk about our travels to the Blue Grass State.

Raising Barns: Freemasonry in the Bluegrass State

We also need to note that Square & Compass has a ton of content celebrating these travels and Kentucky Freemasonry. Follow-us on social media to find this content!

As with Texas, and many of the places we have been lucky enough to visit, our visits to Kentucky began virtually, with interviews with several distinguished Kentucky Brethren. This included M.W. Bro. James Gibson Grand Lodge Kentucky and, as we did with Texas, we interviewed representatives of/from the “Masonic Homes of Kentucky,” and the Rubicon Masonic Society & William O. Ware Lodge of Research & Lexington Lodge №1.

However, our in-person Kentucky visit began on a very high note when, in 2021, we attended a Kentucky Masonic Barn Raising-during which time we witnessed a Masonic Third Degree taking place in a barn in the beautiful Paducah, KY.

It was an amazing visit, made all the more special by the friendliness of the Brethren, the amazing food, and the ambience of the experience. One thing we will never forget is the sound of rain hitting the barn roof, during the ceremony.

To this day, when we hear the sound of rain, we remember Paducah.

We also got to visit Plain City Lodge in Paducah, KY and another Masonic Temple therein, posting the content to our social media sites.

This was also a very special trip because we were able to combine two of our favourite things, professional wrestling and Freemasonry, when we interviewed W. Bro. Don Kelsey regarding his father, who wrestled as “King Cobra” and was also a Kentucky (Paducah) based Freemason. Go King Cobra!

[Author’s Note: I also need to mention-again-how amazing the Kentucky food was. I remember eating at one place in particular which advertised having the best donuts in Kentucky. While I haven’t eaten at every donuts place in Kentucky (..new goal)…I wouldn’t be surprised if the advertisement was accurate].

The friendliness of the Brethren who kindly picked me up and transported me to the various Lodges and Brethren was also very special and appreciated.

Our return to Kentucky took place in 2023, when we visited Lexington Masonic Lodge for what was an incredible Table Lodge hosted by William O. Ware. and the Rubicon Masonic Society, followed by a conference on Masonic authors.

It took place at the Iron Works Pike followed by the Lexington Hilton, both wonderful places.

Interestingly, it is the architecture of Lexington (including the AIRBnB in which we stayed) that really stand-out for us. Lexington, Kentucky is a historic town, with a lot of beautiful architecture!

The weekend itself was very informative and full of fascinating insights about Freemasonry and Masonic authorship.

We at Square & Compass maintain contact with our Kentucky Brethren through receiving the Rubicon Masonic Society & William O. Ware Lodge of Research & Lexington Lodge №1 e-mail blasts (blasts for which we suggest ALL Masons sign-up). These blasts are a treasure trove of Masonic insights and research for all Masons from any jurisdiction.

Many Freemasons, over the years, have been known to raise a little…heck…but Square & Compass was proud to raise a barn. Freemasonry in the Blue Grass state is amazing-and we can’t wait to return.

Do you have any memories or information about Freemasonry in Kentucky? Let Square & Compass know!

All opinions expressed are those of Square & Compass Promotions and the guest(s), and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Windsor Masonic Temple and/or any Masonic group.

We are publishing this story on January 12th, 2024 which means, in one week, the Windsor Masonic Temple will be hosting two amazing days and amazing special events!

On January 19th, 2024 Windsor Lodge №403 will hold an installation and banquet. Tickets are still available!

On January 20th, 2024 the Windsor Masonic Temple will hold a public unveiling to celebrate the work done on the same. The Temple is expecting hundreds of people to be in attendance over the two days.

We, at Square & Compass Promotions, have enjoyed covering/promoting these events as we do every Masonic event-but we especially enjoy covering January 19th and January 20th because the Windsor Masonic Temple is our home base both professionally and Masonically.

If you want to learn more about these dates, and potentially attend, contact Square & Compass Promotions!



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