To see a Masonic Temple is to see a Region’s History

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3 min readJan 31, 2021

In Sep 2020, Square & Compass provided much of this article to Postmedia for commercial purposes. Postmedia published it on Sep 1st, 2020. Additions have been made.

To step inside the Windsor Masonic Temple is to follow in the footsteps of the men and women (from Prime Ministers to Custodians, from Mayors to Musicians) that have, if only for an evening, called the Windsor Masonic Temple home.

The Windsor Masonic Temple is a Masonic home. It is also home to the cherished memories of our friends, neighbors, parents, and grandparents; memories formed through school dances and graduations, weddings and receptions, banquets and (yes) Masonic ceremonies.

Earlier this year, I founded Square & Compass Promotions. The purpose of Square & Compass Promotions is, in a dedicated and professional manner, to gather and preserve these memories, while promoting Freemasonry and the Windsor Masonic Temple.

In early 2020, I posted on social media pictures of the Windsor Masonic Temple. See below for just some of the amazing comments!

  • “We held our wedding reception there in 2013. It was utterly fantastic on every level — gorgeous space and the staff was great to work with”
    • “The Masonic Learning Center is located on the top floor. Helps children with learning differences primarily dyslexia. The program is nothing short of amazing!!! They have the graduation ceremonies for the children in a “chamber” on the 2nd floor. It was stunningly beautiful. All wood and so ornate. They are such a wonderful organization helping those in need, especially children. All volunteer.
    • “Spent many Saturday nights there dancing to the Bill Richardson orchestral. Great fun.”
    • “Have rented the hall there! Nice building!”
    • “A group of us girls used to go to the Sunday evening dances at the Masonic Temple back in the day. We enjoyed dancing to the music of the live bands. Some of us met boyfriends at the Masonic Temple. Also, my sister’s wedding reception was held there almost 50 years ago.”
    • “The Masonic Temple played a big part in my family’s life. My Dad was a Mason, so he was over there quite a bit. And we would go to the Bingos every Wednesday night. My wedding reception was there in Dec. 1973. Yes, the Masonic Temple brings back many happy memories for me.”
    • “My Dad was a Mason and a Shriner, attended many dances there when I was a teenager and Masonic functions as well!”
    • “I sure remember the dances!”
    • “Met my wife there …”
    • “My graduation dance from nursing school was held there”

Since early 2020, Square & Compass has collected the stories of the men and women who have positively impacted both the Windsor Masonic Temple, and Freemasonry. While coming from different backgrounds, all of these men and women have left an indelible mark on the Windsor Masonic Temple and, through the Windsor Masonic Temple, our region.

Men and women like: Michel Brassard, Bonifacio Sotto, Christine Stanley, Ballroom at its Best, Ed Carrey, and more.

For the architecturally inclined, Square & Compass reviewed the original 1921 Windsor Masonic Temple blueprints!

For the historically inclined, Square & Compass reviewed a letter (dated to 1945) informing on the passing of President (and Brother) Franklyn Delano Roosevelt!

All of these stories are available via the Square & Compass Podcast, available on youtube and podbean. Square & Compass is also on Patreon!

The Windsor Masonic Temple dates to a time (1921) often described as the “Golden Age of Freemasonry.” It was a time when Ontario Masonic Membership surpassed 100,000.

Times have changed-and Square & Compass Promotions is an attempt to change with them.

Square & Compass Promotions offers professional services for those interested in learning more about and/or growing within the Masonry.

These services include interactive, virtual tours of the Windsor Masonic Temple, educational programs and services, the above-referenced podcast, and unique products featuring the Windsor Masonic Temple.

You can learn more about our products and services on September 5th, 2020 at the Downtown Windsor Farmers’ Market, where Square & Compass Promotions will have a booth set-up.

For more information, please contact Square & Compass at: 519 965–6400 and/or head to our social media pages.

You can also learn more about the Masonic Temple ballroom by going to its website or calling 519 253–3615.

Almost everytown has a Masonic Temple. Every Masonic Temple is a home to the stories of its members and its community; they are time-capsules; they are stories contained in brick & mortar; they matter to the world; and the Windsor Masonic Temple matters to this author!



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