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Trying Unorthodox Things: Paranormal Investigations & Masonic Buildings

Trying Unorthodox Things: Paranormal Investigations & Masonic Buildings
Trying Unorthodox Things: Paranormal Investigations & Masonic Buildings

Recently, this author met with an old friend. It is the holiday season after all, and such is the season for meeting with old friends.

What makes this old friend unique is his vocation: Nicholas James Romita is a paranormal investigator and founder of Canadian Paranormal Trackers (CPT).

In 2018, and again in 2019, CPT spent a night at the Windsor Masonic Temple, where they (along with the author) investigated the building for paranormal activity.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, there is no question that paranormal-related content and events (such as “ghost tours” “haunted houses,” and paranormal themed media) are very popular and can result in significant attention and revenue when marketed correctly.

Below, you will find our brief interview with Nicholas James Romita (we hope to complete a longer interview in 2024).

However, before we move onto the interview, the idea of paranormal investigations made us ask: what are some unorthodox things that Masonic buildings or masons in general could do to generate new attention and/or revenue for freemasonry?

Certainly, a “paranormal investigation” is unorthodox! What are some other “unorthodox” things that you can think of? Let us know in the comments.


Q: What do you remember about your Windsor Masonic Temple investigations?

A: What do I remember…mostly I remember the 2nd investigation, when our EMF (electro-magnetic field) Reader lit-up. We thought maybe we found a female spirit, based on a psychic that was with us.

Q: What are your three favourite things about paranormal investigations?

A: I love helping people get answers to their problems; I love to educate people about the paranormal; and I love confirming [or trying to confirm] the existence of spirits (including possibly ghosts/demons)

Q: What are your three favourite things about the Windsor Masonic Temple?

A: I love the structure of the building, the facade and the interior. I also loved exploring the building during our investigations, all the different hallways. I also really love the building’s history.

[on another note] I loved the food we had during the investigation. It was a lot of fun hanging out, eating, and spending the night investigating the paranormal.

If you are interested in paranormal investigations, you can contact Nicholas James Romita at: cptrackers554@gmail.com

All opinions expressed are those of Square & Compass Promotions and the guest(s), and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Windsor Masonic Temple and/or any Masonic group.

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