Chicago Bean at Millenium Park

Square & Compass is proud to have completed another amazing Masonic Road-Trip, having visited amazing Brethren and Masonic Temples in Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, and California.

Each visit was amazing!

Each town was amazing!

Each Masonic experience was amazing!


In Missouri, Square & Compass had the chance to attend the…


Hilsboro, MO (Pond in foreground, Barn in background)
Hillsboro, MO (Pond in foreground, Barn in background)

To be a Freemason is to be a traveler. The words have long been synonymous.

For obvious (and understandable) reasons, COVID-19 and the subsequent travel restrictions resulting therefrom limited the ability for masonic travel.

If their was a silver lining to these limitations, it was the extent…

It was truly a pleasure to interview Ibiza Melián.

Ibiza Melián is an “author of various published books, including essays, stories or fictionalized essays.” Many of her works deal with Freemasonry and esoteric subjects in general.

You can learn more about her work below, I have included both the English…

Canadian Postage Stamps Featuring the Windsor Masonic Temple and Harmony Masonic Lodge Logo


Traditional mail holds in the hearts of many a special place; the stamp used to send traditional mail presents a Masonic Opportunity.

If any readers know of any Masonic postage stamps, please let the author know.


2021 marks for both the beautiful Windsor Masonic Temple and Harmony Masonic…

Adamson, Cameron

Director of Square & Compass Promotions, designed to promote Freemasonry in Essex District!

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